LAS VEGAS, NV - AUGUST 26: Referee Robert Byrd stops the fight in round 10 with a TKO of Conor McGregor by Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their super welterweight boxing match on August 26, 2017 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Logan Paul has deeply expressed his frustrations as his exhibition fight with Floyd Mayweather is likely to be postponed.

The YouTube star was prepared to take on the legendary Mayweather on February 20 in a great bout.

But some acclamations has recently stated the event will be shifted or actually cancelled completely.

Some reports have stated that this is due to a general lack of interest in the match-up.

However speaking on The Night Shift Gaming, Paul claimed this was not the case.

“I’ve been a bit annoyed with the stories I’m seeing online, a little feeling bothered, so I’ll to clarify all this,” the 25-year-old said.

“It’s just stupid. A guy who we had come to test to be a strength and conditioning coach leaked information about the fight.

“As soon as this got out, he said that the fight was being pushed [back], I said, ‘F*** we’ve had a leak from inside our camp, no-one else was supposed to know that.’

“Then the narrative changed to, ‘Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight postponed due to lack of interest.’

“Lack of interest? What the f***? There’s not be a fight that’s made this much noise the whole year.”

Paul also hinted that there are a number of issues with his opponent, who has not fought since he took on Conor McGregor in 2017.

He noted: “I’ll say this – the complexities are when you are working with someone like Floyd Mayweather who is the most sought after, most paid fighter on the planet and he operates at a certain level, and the individuals around him want to ensure their talent, their fighter is performing at a certain level, there are a lot hoops to jump through.

“There are many people involved and you’ve only got one shot at it so you have to get it completely 1,000 per cent right.

“We’re just making sure we’re doing that. But yeah, I’m still going to beat the s*** out of Floyd Mayweather.

“Or, probably he’s going to beat the s*** out of me, who knows? The reality is that it’s still going to happen.”

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