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Here is How Lionel Messi, The Most Expensive Soccer Player In The World Spends His Money


Lionel Messi is actually the greatest football player alive, and in fact, the most expensive soccer player in the world, and with that far-fetched success comes great wealth. Now let’s take a quick look at how Lionel Messi spends his millions:

Messi is the second-highest-paid sportsperson in the world, and the highest-paid football player, according to Forbes, after boxer Floyd Mayweather and ahead of his rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite his insane wealth and popularity, he’s is one of the most private people in the world of soccer.

He drives a $200,000 car and lives in a nice house, but the rest is a mystery.

He has made $111 million so far in 2018.

He signed a new contract in 2017 which pays him over $80 million annually.

He earns an additional $27 million in endorsements.

He has signed a lifetime deal with Adidas

He also has endorsements with Gatorade, Mastercard, and Pepsi, among others.

Messi is so important to Barcelona that if he ever leaves, the club that buys him will have to cough out an $835 million buyout.

Messi lives in a house in Castelldefels, a mountain village, remote of Barcelona.

He still owns and maintains his childhood home in Argentina, in as much as no one lives there any longer.

Messi is still more than ever close to his mother and he’s good friends with Barcelona partner Luis Suarez.

He’s known to take the unusual private plane, like when he went to the Ballon d’Or gala in Zurich.

He got married to his long-time girlfriend Antonella Rocuzzo in 2017.

They both grew up in the same town in Argentina, and their families are friends.

They are blessed with three kids.

Their kids are now a staple of Barcelona trophy celebrations.

We get the intermittent glimpse into his fulsome side, like when he wore a polka-dot suit to an awards ceremony.

He does enjoy a mind-blowing vacation often.

As well as opportunities to meet world-famous musicians and other famous athletes.

He did make headlines for less charitable grounds, moreover, when he was found guilty of tax fraud and ordered to pay a fine.

But unlike other modern athletes, he’s not very concerned with using his personal life to grow his brand. His Instagram is for the most part totally plain with pictures of himself relaxing with family, teammates, or his giant dog.

Messi’s everyday life is always contrasted with his on-pitch rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who is known for taking joy in the spotlight.



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