Running a marathon is the primary goal for a hobby athlete. But there can be issues involved in running a 26.2 mile or 41.2 km race. Most health issues that occurs during a marathon race are not very painful – mainly strains and sprains.

In some cases, moreover, heart issues have led to deaths during or instantly after a marathon. In the United States researchers found out that of 11 million runners who have taken part in marathons or half marathons in the last decade 42 died. Most of them had heart issues or heart-related diseases.

Most health experts advise beginners to see doctors before they take up training for a race. People with heart issues or diabetes should also consult doctors before running long distances at all.

Most hobby athletes do not get ready in the right way for a race. Getting yourself in good physical shape over a period of months is not always easy and needs a lot of self-discipline. Training must begin gradually, with short distances, so that your body can get used to the physical stress. Runners often make the mistake of running too fast at the start. Rest periods should follow days of training. Running advisors say that about a month before a marathon you should be able to run 15 miles, or almost three quarters of the marathon distance, at a comfortable speed. Having enough reserves at the end is also a sign that you are in good shape.

Excess training, in actual sense can lead to stiffness in your muscles or other injuries. In such a case you should lower your training rate and take a few days off.

Briefly, before a marathon begins, warming up and stretching can be crucial for your overall performance. One of the toughest issues that marathon runners face during a race is dehydration, not having enough to drink. If it’s very hot your body can lose up to four liters of fluid through sweating and breathing out air. One of the most relevant tasks for a runner is to drink enough throughout a race.



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