If you’ve ever decided to run, either as a hobby or a form of exercise.

Running will benefit you in many ways. Learn more from the guides beneath. Get inspired, burn  calories, become more fit.

1) ‍Running is Great for The Health

One of the top reasons for running is because of the great health benefits.

According to results of a study of 1.5 million men and women, currently published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, runners who build endurance improve their cardiovascular health, often to a great degree, and reduce the risk of most cancers. Live longer and in better shape: a gift to all runners!

2) ‍Running Builds Conditions for Greater Inner Peace

Running is one of the most interesting sports. Runners journey deep into themselves, both when they meditate or concentrate on their effort, or whether they are open to their immediate environment. This is how they develop conditions for greater inner peace.

3) ‍Running Encourages a Different Relation with the World

By regular practice, and not necessarily consciously, runners modify a great part of their behavior. They use their car less, eat a more balanced diet, and develop a different relation with the world. Probably because they sleep better, or because they are calmer, or more balanced. Running is great for the health.

4) ‍Running is not a Synonym for Injury

Running involves impact, and puts strain on the skeleton, muscles, and tendons. But injuries are not particularly a direct effect of running always. Especially if certain rules are respected: quality of shoes, slowly increase distance, recovery phases, and being in tune with yourself.

‍5) Running is a Great Way to (Re)Gain Self-Confidence‍

Running often is a way of enlarging your horizon. Physically, and also mentally. A lot  of internal wounds are healed by running. Also many insoluble equations have been resolved while running. Finally, most inferiority complexes have been overcome by running.

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