If you like running, either as a hobby or a form of exercise.

Below are many ways running can benefit You:

1) Running Stimulates the Desire to Surpass Yourself

You don’t have to be a marathoner. Nor get yourself involved in competitions. The desire to surpass yourself is not always about performance. It is quite often more discreet: the duration of training sessions, the capacity to run whatever the weather, the need to avoid daily routine.

2) ‍Running is a Great Way of Meeting People

Personal effort in a team sport: that is how an increasing number of runners practise their sport, whatever their level. In the midst of the effort, unique connections develop and straddle all social and cultural divides.

3) ‍Running Cheers You Up

Runners are certain about this and should say it with more conviction: a 6km run is most likely all you need to cheer yourself up. Even in your down times.

‍4) Running is a Form of Pleasure

Those who are not in support should take the time to run. They should accept to discover this simple but mysterious action without any preconceived ideas. They should agree with the idea that effort goes before reward. Yes, running is first and foremost a pleasure!


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